Wednesday, Feb. 7, 1945

38th day – 327 days to follow

Temp 33

Mr.  Howes

Cloudy and warmer.

Worked up in the Vickery orchard on the apple trees.

Tracked the quail up on the hill there were 14 sets of tracks, the four had been up around the hill.

Eleanor took the gremlin over to Dr Beers for a checkup, and she is ok.

Took the bus over to the Armory. I was acting corporal tonight.

Dedn Eldridge gave me a ride home as far as the foot of the street.

Thel just called up and said the train she and Helen Griffin came down from Boston on the train and it broke down for 3 hours up in Abbington.

Today I got a letter from Mr. Wm Howes of Holyoke and he feels that there are a necessary for some changes in the bulletin.

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