Thursday, Feb. 8, 1945

39th day – 326 days to follow

Temp 34

Snow this Am turning to rain.

Stoppe in to see Pic a few minutes on my way to work.

A lot of squirrel tracks up on the hill but haven’t seen anything of them.

I received a package from George from France, a rabbit fur winter German hat, a pair of gators pants, and a British Blouse.

Thel went up to the church to a tea.

I called up Bill about the letter that I got from Mr. Howes of Holyoke.

Thels tea party was a fizz on account of the storm.

Bill called me up again and he wants me to be candidate for Pres of the M.A.S.

Helen Finney and Jubbie were in here all this afternoon playing cards.

I wrote a letter to Mr. Howe and one to George.

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