Saturday, Feb. 24, 1945

55th day – 310 days to follow


Temp 32


Fair with sharp west wind.

Quite a lot of bare ground up on the hill this morning.

Took Walder and Pic a mess of clams for steaming on my way to work

After dinner I took a walk over by HH cow barn and found one nice notched arrow but.

Saw Charlie Hadaway and he said there has been a flock of wild geese feeding nights up on the patch of winter rye in back of Arthur Woods.

I went up there and hunted and didn’t find a thing.

Then I went over to the sand bank and found nothing there.

From there over to the Hotel bluffs, nothing there, then I came home.

Charlie Fraser told me one of the Hartwell cottages has been sold to Pratt of JBs corner for $1800.

I took Thel and Ski to the pictures.

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