Monday, Feb. 26, 1945

57th day – 308 days to follow

Worked up in the orchard sawing up trees.

Ski got a letter from Milt Vaughn, he got thrown off a horse in Cal. and hurt his leg again.

Started to rain about 3 PM.

Stopped in to see Pic and the boys.

Saw the grey squirrel up on the hill.

The old apple trees are hard to work up, some are over two feet thick.

Got a letter from Mrs. Hornblower, she some from Harry, Bud, and Hank.

I would like to have a good arrowhead hunt again.

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  1. Milt Vaughn also built boats. He built one for Bob Lowry in. the 1980’s duxbury Ducks were the racing boat of the early 20th century used the Plymouth Yacht Club and Duxbury Yacht. Very stable lovely boat to sail. You still see some in Duxbury Harbor.

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