Wednesday, Feb. 28, 1945

59th day – 306 days to follow


Temp 40

Fair and warmer.

Worked all day up in the orchard.

Chet Downie Jr came over just before noon, he had been up on the hill to pay me a visit. He is a fireman 21st class at the Puritan Mill.

Elliot Swift came down to the corner and talked a few minutes.

I found a beautiful white quartz knife in Everett Finney’s old pasture, and one broken quartz arrowhead up on Ira’s field.

I rode over to the Armory with Ski and Eleanor.

Dean Eldridge, Hawin Goddard, Harlow, Coley, and I got our corporal stripes tonight.

I rode as far as JBs corner and walked home the rest of the way.

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