Friday, March 2, 1945

61st day – 304 days to follow

Frank Holman


Frank Holman had a fire in his beef house.

I hear Frank has got a divorce from his wife.

Worked up in the orchard on the apple trees.

Saw Joyce Wood, Go. Manter and Gramp Swift.

There was a flare burning off Rocky Point when I went to bed last night.

The blimp came in low over Ira’s at noon.

Phil Chandler is spreading manure where he intends to have a garden. I hope to find a few arrowheads there.

Eeanor brought me a swell polished pestle that Elba Grey sent up to me. Her father Lewis Cotti found it in his garden out North.

Bill Whiting called me up tonight.

2 Replies to “Friday, March 2, 1945”

    1. This journal was written by my great-grandfather, Jesse Brewer, who lived 1888 – 1971. He lived in Plymouth and worked as a caretaker at the Hornblower estate, which later became the land on which Plimouth Plantation was built. You can read more about Jesse at the About page:

      Thank you for reading!


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