Saturday, March 3, 1945

62nd day – 303 days to follow

Temp 4


Fuller Hammond 8.00

Stopped in at Picks on the way home at hoon, they are all fine.

Got a letter from Fuller Hammond and a check for $8.00.

And a letter from Mrs Hornblower with two tickets to the Flower SHow.

The wrecking crew started in to finish testing down the Beach Club on Mar .

Election Day and raining as usual.

Started to walk over to vote and Sherman Whipple gave me a ride over.

Voted, and hung around the stores till it was time to see Dr Swenson, he gave my ears another going over.

Saw Charlie Strickland and he invited me down to see his stuff (Colonial).

Walked back as far as Nook Farm field and hunted for arrowheads, found one beauty triangular concave base, one piece of good used graphite and a lot of broken pieces.

Found two cents in the road, but it was sure muddy hunting.

Percy Finney was over tonight and we played 7 games of crib, he won the rubber.

Ski went up to Hugh Mc to sit tonight.

One Reply to “Saturday, March 3, 1945”

  1. Love hearing the names, Mrs. Whipple, Charlie Strickland. And talk of Arrowheads.

    My grandfather, Geoffrey Perrier (died 1939) collected arrowheads and other Native tools. Had a very large collection. Given to a college. But not recorded which college.


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