Sunday, March 4, 1945

63rd day – 302 days to follow


Went up on the hill this morning and found a watering pot for Mrs Whipple.

Bill Whiting came up this morning and we went out to Miss Alden’s in Duxbury and I found one perfect triangular grey arrowhead, one perfect white quartz arrowhead, unusual shape base and one notched base point.

We went over into the next field and Bill found the largest point of a green flint knife I ever saw from around here and part of a polished talley stone that sure was a wonder.

I found one small notched base spear point all perfect, and one unknown peaked pointed implement, battered some at the large end.

From there we went over to Brown at Green Bush and I found a perfect lancelot point and some poor stuff.

Then over to No,. R. Bridge and I found three poot white quartz points and two hammer stones, left the hammer stones, 1 piece graphite.

Our last stop was at West saw mill, I found one yellow flint thumbnail scraper, extra special one.

Thel saw Bobbie and he said he is going to come back to Plymouth to live and be on our police force.

Ski went to fellowship tonight.

Bill and I ate out dinner in Green Bush, one swell day.

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