Thursday, March 8, 1945

67th day – 298 days to follow

Aunt Tirzah

Fair and cool

Chopped on the apple trees up in the corner,

Thel stopped there at noon and said Aunt Tirzah wanted to come right up so we did and found that Nellie has to leave for a rest as she is all played out.

And the Welfare told Autn Tirzah that they had a place for down at Savery Pond and she says she won’t go.

Finished up the trees this afternoon, stopped in to see Pic and Eric.

When I got home I had to go up to Aunt Tirzahs again and she and Nellie were on a rampage.

I stayed up there 1½ hours till finally they calmed down enough for me to feel that I could leave them.

What a time. I had wonder what happens tomorrow.

Eleanor and Ski went to the pictures.

Heard Ernest Peters intends to buy the Half of the Bates Litchfield house.

Talked to Mrs Phiffer and she said that Mrs Murphy where Aunt Tirzah is going is a registered nurse and has a fine home and a fine personality.

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