Friday, March 9, 1945

68th day – 297 days to follow

Temp 35

Fair and cool.

Worked all day on the trees in the grove.

Aunt Tirzah has finally decided to go down to Saveryo Pond and Thel went over to town and bought her a dress to wear down there.

Geo Holman’s two kids were here all day.

Our troops are across the Rhine far ahead of skedgel and should help to shorten the war.

Eleanor took our bonds over to town and put them in the Five Cent Bank.

Miriam Finney has joined the W.A.C.

Phil Chandler was putting lime on his grassland.

He said I could hunt for Indian artifacts on his land.

Cleaned out my pansy beds and put glass over them to hurry them up.

I have bought and still have $1,200 in war bonds.

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