Sunday, March 11, 1945

70th day – 295 days to follow


Snow this morning and all of us cleaned up rubbish around the yard and burned it at the foot of the garden.

Bill came up and had dinner with us and he and I took a ride out to Duxbury and found about two inches of snow every whare so we came back as far as Manuel Peries and Bill found two points there one white quartz that is a dandy and I found one fair white one.

From there we went out to Mother Doanes and I four good arrowheads and we hunted there till dark.

We ate Bill’s dinner for supper.

Mrs Hornblower called me up and said Dimp has the mumps and Hank is fine.

And to go ahead on the closet in the pantry.

She said the flower show is not worth going up to Boston to see.

And to hire Jubbie to help me out up on the hill.

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