Saturday, March 10, 1945

69th day – 296 days to follow

Temp 42

Chopped down trees all this afternoon.

After dinner Eleanor and I went over to town , she sent for some baby chicks and I got a permit to have a fire tomorrow.

Took a walk up to Whipples and hunted on the piece I used to work on for Wm H Finney, I had good luck for what there is to find, I found one long thin white point that is a beauty, one tiny white quartz point fair and one large quartz hammer stone, good grove and darn poor stone, poor specimen.

Ed Priestly took Aunt Tirzah down to Saverys Pond to live, and Nellie went down to Chet Griffins.

Dick Smiley was in here this afternoon, he was inquiring about Ida FInney’s, he is looking for a place to buy.

Ski has gone over to Picks to take care of the kids tonight.

Bob and Gretchen came in at 8 PM and stayed till 10 PM.

Bob says he is going to be on the Plymouth Police force as a special. And they are planning to come back to Plymouth to live.

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