Sunday, March 18, 1945

77th day – 288 days to follow

Fair and warm today.

All the Driscolss are down for the day.

Went up on the hill and over to the store.

Huck Davis’s dog got hit by a truck.

Raked up the lawn till dinner time.

Mr. Driscol came over for a few minutes.

Raked some more after dinner.

Archie and the rest of us went up to Geo Wards and got Thels car, it has to have a new battery.

Eleanor has gone over to Stephanie’s for the afternoon.

Wrote to Miss Rice for a check for Jubbie.

Archie, Cozette, Fannie and Royer came over this evening for a couple of hours.

Ski went to see the Fellowship.

Archie went sea clamming and got five clams.

Saw a butterfly today.

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