Saturday, March 31, 1945

90th day – 275 days to follow

Temp 60


Cloudy and slight showers.

Jubbie worked this A.M.

Fixed up the house for the folks in case they should come down.

Bill came up after dinner and he and I went up to the dig and we took out the pot that we found last fall.

And we found that the way we left it worked out perfect.

I took out the pot for Bill.

Archie got hold of two loads of cow manure and I mean big loads for our garden.

Thel was over and saw Toot and he seems to be improving.

Bill Whiting came up after supper and brought up the pot, he had it packed in moss and it looked good the way he had it fixed. 

We are having a thunderstorm now and it is raining quite hard.

Eleanor and Ski took some easter eggs over to Eric and David.

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