Sunday, April 1, 1945

91st day – 274 days to follow

Temp 72


Fair and warm.

I went up on the hill and none of the folks were there.

Brought back my dung fork and spread manure on the garden till 12-30 PM.

Then came in and changed for dinner, we had Mrs Harry Swift and the Minister in for dinner.

Archie was over and spread some.

After dinner, Thel, Ski, and I went up to the Whipples and hunted two or three hours. I found two white quartz points, one avangular, and one long type the point of a knife and the base of a beautiful spear.

Thel found one white quartz point and a gun flint.

Abriam Whiting and Dick Bent came up there while we were hunting.

There is a heck of a fire in the woods up on the So. Pond road.

Eleanor went over to George’s mothers.

Walder came up the street tonight and he and Thel, Ski, Helen Finnie, and I went up to the top of Hartwells Hill and took a look at the fire. The wind has changed to south and it is coming this way now.

Helen said she was up there this afternoon and it was in back of G. So. Pond.

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