Tuesday, April 10, 1945

100th day – 265 days to follow

Temp 60



Foggy and east wind.

Fixed up my glads, and worked the rest of the day at the foot of the drive.

Saw Bill going up to the bridge to put in his herring screen.

Saw Eric and David this afternoon, they were out for a walk.

Gus the cat had three kittens last night up in Ski’s old room.

Saw Lewis Fragazzi this afternoon and he said he couldn’t get any awning material and that they have not heard anything from Tommy.

I saw Jo Manter and he said he will plow the garden before the 19.

Hope he does.

Fog horns have been blowing all day.

Saw a sharp skinned hawk up on the hill.

Thel said she had ordered some seed potatoes up at the store.

Bill called me up and said he has found a pot up at the Nook, he brought the pottery up here then he, Thel, and I went over to see the pit he got it from. There was a large red stone in the pit, we took it out and brought it here and we washed it and I found three points that we feel sure it came from.

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