Wednesday, April 11, 1945

101st day – 264 days to follow

Temp 75

Fair and much warmer.

The flowering cherries on the hill are in full bloom and beautiful.

Geo Crowell came up on the hill and said his truck would take the loge tomorrow.

After dinner I went over tot town and went in to see Dr. Swensons office and had my ears tested.

Went in to Jordan’s and got some stuff for myself and some stuff for the hill. 

Eleanor went out to dinner.

Jr Manter plowed Eugene Holton’s garden.

I saw the S.S. hawk again on the hill.

Got 4 lbs of onion sets.

Eleanor drove me over to the Armory and the whole company and guests went up to Carls in Manomet to our third annual supper. We had a good turkey supper and a poor floor show, there was one entertainer, a colored ex-soldier that was swell.

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