Monday, April 16, 1945

106th day – 259 days to follow

Temp 45

Pres Truman

Temp 54

Cloudy today and really cool.

Mrs H went out fishing and had good luck. She brought home eight. I cleaned them for her.

She said Mr H and Martha would be down Wed night.

Eleanor went over to the post office and got her 100 white rock chicks. She sold 25 tp Mr Finney tonight.

Thel and Ski went to the pictures tonight.

I cut down the hedge around the cutting garden as it was badly windkilled.

Saw five wild geese fly over very low Friday.

Eleanor drove me up on the hill so I could check on the house after Mrs H left. She left the side door unlocked.

I listened to Pres Truman’s first speech and was favorably impressed.

My peach tree has quite a lot of blossoms this year and I hope the fruit are good.

Killed tent caterpillars ip on the hill this morning.

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