Thursday, April 19, 1945

109th day – 256 days to follow


Temp 62

Ski and I put in a good day in the garden, we planted 10 rows of potatoes, 1 row of beets, 1 row of carrots, part of a row of radishes, and three rows of peas and some lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflowers.

Toot and May came down and got their chickens.

Sonny Watson came here and he was interested in renting or in buying Lew Covells house on the hill.

Mr CHilds of Manomet came here, he had some fowl and eggs for the folks on the hill. I told him that I thought the folks had not gone home yet so he could leave it.

Treglawn called me up to see if the folks had gone back.

Ski and I helped Phil Chandler catch his cow.

Bill and Mrs Whiting came in this evening and Bill had some fine artifacts  he dug up at the Nook yesterday and today.

He had an arrowhead that is a beautiful thing, triangular stemmed green slate and a swell large felsite knife and a hown flakes, he gave me a price of soapstone.

Thel went to a card party.

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