Friday, April 20, 1945

110th day – 255 days to follow

25 Anniversary

Temp 65

Fair and cool.

Fred Moon was up on the hill to start painting.

But John Finneys men did not .

Jubbie and I worked all day in the grove.

I went up on the hill at 11-30 PM last night and covered up my cold frame as it was 32 then and still falling.

Eleanor and Ski went to the pictures and I went over with them to Non Comm Meeting.

I am scheduled to give a lecture on the Thomson Sub machine gun on May 16

Swallows have taken over the bird house I built this spring.

Deane Eldridge gave me a ride home as far as the Corner of Cliff St.

Forest fire alarm blew this afternoon but I didn’t see any smoke.

Phil Chandler has quite a job in his garden with dog grass.

Percy Finney was over tonight, he had another customer for some of Eleanors chicks, but she had none to sell.

I started to work for Ralph Hornblower 25 years ago today.

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