Thursday, April 27, 1945

117th day – 248 days to follow

Temp 58


Russian and American troops meet in Germany

Cloudy all day.

Worked all day on the front drive gutters.

Mr H and Geo Crowell came up the drive on their way to Martha’s Vineyard.

Bill Whiting came up to see me this AM.

Jubbie didn’t come to work today.

After work I rode my wheel over to the Barber ship and got a haircut and got charged 65 cents for the first time, some robbery.

After supper I went over to Phil Chandlers garden and found one nice arrowhead lancelet type, very good specimen.

I went in to see Jennie and Phil for a couple of hours and they showed me all over the house.

Emma Roberts and Janice and the baby all have scarlet fever.

2 Replies to “Thursday, April 27, 1945”

  1. I’m sure there were underlying feelings when he mentions Emma Robert, the baby, and Janice all have scarlet fever. His first wife, Marie, died of scarlet fever.

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