Wednesday, April 25, 1945

115th day – 250 days to follow

Temp 61

Cloudy today, a few sprinkles.

Top dressed my greens today.

Eleanor put the chickens out of doors for the first time.

Took the bus over to the Armory and as I went into the Armory I started to run up stairs and caught my right toe in the second step and pitched head first into the wall and it skimmed the top of my head and made me pretty dizzy and jarred my neck up some.

The first Sargent Wall took me out to Dr Dubi and he took a look at my neck and told me to put a hit compact on it and call Dr Curtain tomorrow morning and let him know if my neck was stiff and sore.

Sargent Wall gave me a ride home.

It is raining tonight which is fine for my garden and for the lawns I put top dressing on.

Both the new owners of the Hartwell cottages have been doing a lot of work on the outside.

Eleanor got a letter from George and he said he has a good gun for me and is sending it over here.

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