Saturday, April 28, 1945

118th day – 247 days to follow

Temp 60

Germany Surrendered

Partly cloudy, cool.

Mr H and Geo Cromwell got back this AM.

After dinner Bill and I went up to the dig and we did 2 sections, I had good luck and got one small side notched granite arrow and it is a beauty, one long triangular side notched red felsite very good, one small notched base, one beautiful red and green flake knife, the best one I have found, and one special good rubbing stone black slate.

7-55 PM Special announcement over the radio to the effect that the War in Europe is over. Germany surrendered unconditionally this afternoon.

9-25 President Truman just announced that the reported German surrender is untrue. Stung again.

Ski was up to Hugh’s tonight.

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