Sunday, April 29, 1945

119th day – 246 days to follow

Temp 55

Bert and Ethel

Partly cloudy.

Went up on the hill and saw Mrs H and Dimp.

Went over to the store and got the paper and some tobacco.

When I got home Bert, Ethel, and Huberts’ wife were here from Beverly.

Thel and I went down to the pond and the Hathaways and Fannie Holman were there, Archie and Jubbie were working on their cottage.

They all came over and ate dinner at our cottage, we had potato salad and sausage rolls.

I finished painting the boat, she will be white this year, and I think she will be good and dry.

I pulled some more brush around the camp.

Roger came home with us and took his bath.

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