Sunday, May 6, 1945

126th day – 239 days to follow

Temp 65


Went up on the hill this AM, left a note for Mrs H.

Went over in back of H.H. barn and found one large crude knife red felsite and two small bases, one deep by notched base.

Went over to the store and got the Sunday paper.

Eleanor and I left the chickens out of doors last night, they came thru ok.

This morning Thel and I went down to the camp, I cleaned up some of the brush. Put my boat in the water and helped Archie put on some roofing paper.

On the way home we passed Bill Whitings car at the bridge at the head of the beach.

I got out at RH drive and walked back to see him, he was all stewed up as a couple kids gave Bill a scare, he though they came down from Russel Mills to let the herring out of his trap so he sent over for a cop to come up and watch the trap tonight and on his way home he stopped in and gave us a mess of red perch.

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