Monday, May 7, 1945

127th day – 238 days to follow

Temp 65

The plumber and the women were up on the hill cleaning.

Bill came up about 10 am and he and I took a ride up to Porter Harlows and hunted for an hour. I found only one poor crude white quartz arrowhead. Bill found a couple of fine scrapers and a couple of good arrowheads and a few poor pieces.

He took off his mackinaw and laid it on the ground while he was hunting and came off and left it there and we got over to brook road before he remembered it and had to go back for it.

Bill had a cop up watching his herring till 12 M.

I got Eleanor a bucket of sand for her chicken coop.

Stooped in to see Pic and the kids on the way home from work, sawa Waalder, he is getting over his cold. After supper Jubbie brought over the wheel barrow tire and a couple of brass plugs and I put one in it, hope it works.

After supper I finished giving the canoe an undercoat of white.

Bill and Mrs Whiting came up and stayed a couple of hours tonight.

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