Friday, May 11, 1945

131st day – 234 days to follow

Temp 49


Rained like time last night and kept up till noon today.

John Finney’s truck did not show up.

Thel, Cozette, and Dot worked today.

Planted two kinds of string beans.

After work I went over to HH plowing and had just found one nice red arrowhead when Bill Whiting showed up and he had an article that he had written for the bulletin about the pits he had dug up at the nook, and he wanted me to read it and give him my opinion of what I thought of it.

After he left I went on hunting and found one fair white quartz point and a broken white quartz drill that must have been a dandy when it was all there.

Found half a dozen pieces of English flint from Harry and Dig. And I found part of a broken stone pipe stem. I sure would like to get one of them whole.

Percy Finney came over tonight and we played three games of Crib and I won two.

Called up Bill and told him I was going to work around home instead of dig this weekend.

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