Saturday, May 12, 1945

132nd day – 233 days to follow

Temp 70

Fair and warmer.

Saw Mr and Mrs H and Martha, Mrs H and I went down to the Beach Club and dug up some plants and took them up on the hill.

Saw a baby rabbit in one of the flower beds.

Eleanor went over to town for me and got a $50.00 bond and a box of candy and a card for Thel for Mothers Day.

After dinner I mowed the grass and started to build a chicken yard for Eleanor.

After supper I went up on the hill and from there I rode up to Mr Withers to see him about our dig, and I had an interesting couple of hours chat with him and Mrs Withers. He gave me his consent to Bill and I continuing to dig at our site.

When I got home I called up Bill and told him the good news.

He sure was pleased.

Thel and Ski have hone up to a farewell supper to Mr McGee.

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