Thursday, May 17, 1945

137th day – 228 days to follow

Temp 75-60


Foggy this morning cleared off warm then came in East wind and the glass dropped 12 degrees in an hour.

Jubbie didn’t show up today.

The carpenter was up today.

Bill came down here and I got some sandwiches and a thermos and we went out to West Duxbury to the place where we found the old cultures stuff last spring.

Found one beautiful heart shaped white quartz small arrowhead and one elongate triangular red felspar, a good point and a couple of bases and one large round stone that I left there.

From there we went over to the sand pit to look at a place we saw in the bank last winter that looked as if it might be a grave but it proved to be a tree stump rotted away.

We ate our supper there.

When we got home I helped Eleanor and Ski fix up the chicken yard and carried the chickens down there.

Ski got a nice letter from Alex today and he sent her some snaps of a Dutch family he visits.

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