Wednesday, May 16, 1945

136th day – 229 days to follow

Temp 55

Foggy and cooler.

Cozette and Dot Dunlap are up on the hill today.

Put the screens on the back porch.

The carpenters are up today.

I saw a pair of quail on the front drive.

Took the bus over to the Armory and gave a lecture on the Thompson Sub Maching gun and it went over fine.

I got a fine compliment from the Lieutenant.

I rode home as far as the foot of Cliff Street with Paul Goodwin and Clarkie.

The lieutenant told me the C.O. is sorry to have me leave the Co. 

When I got home the house was full of women. There was a meeting of the Club and they gave Cozette a may basket and a couple of glass vases for a birthday present.

My garden finally looks pretty good now, most time for the weeds to begin to show up.

There is a mass of tent caterpillars on the wild cherries and slews of wood ticks on the bushes and grass up on the hill.

Bill Whiting was up on the hill a little while this afternoon, he wants to go to Duxbury tomorrow.

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