Wednesday, May 30, 1945

150th day – 215 days to follow

Temp 70


This morning I got up early and got a ride over to the Armory with a Naval Officer, who knew Harry, Bud, the Atins, and the Myers.

The members of the Co that were not working took part in the Memorial Day Parade, the marchers were the smallest number I have seen at a turnout of this time.

Thel picked me up at the Armory and brought me home, then she and Ski and I went down to my camp.

When we got there, the Hathaways were working on their camp. I pulled up a lot more brush and put up a clothes line.

Ski cleaned up the camp.

We all went fishing for a couple of hours and caught two small roaches and two small perch.

We got home at 9.50 PM.

Walder called me this AM and I wasn’t home.

Bill Whiting called me up again about the article we are writing, he is coming up tomorrow night so we will go over it put on the finishing touches.

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