Thursday, May 31, 1945

151st day – 214 days to follow

Temp 65

Fair and cooler, high west wind.

Rus Snow came up this AM and got the window shades.

Fred Moon is up on the hill.

Bill Whiting came up to go over the manuscript again.

Aunt Tirzah was taken up to Taunton Hospital for observation and Grandma Crowell has been taken down to the place where Aunt Tirzah was. Gram has a fractured hip.

Thel went to club meeting tonight.

Bill came up after supper and stayed till 11 PM and we went over the manuscript till we were satisfied that it will pass.

Right after dinner I found that a woodchuck had started to eat up the plants in my cutting garden so I went up to the house and got a trap and set it in the drainpipe and at 4 pm I had him, and a big one too.

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