Friday, June 1, 1945

152nd day – 213 days to follow

Temp 60

Fair and cool high north wind.

Cleaned up the house and the cellar and trimmed around the bowling green.

Bill Whiting came up on the hill just before 12 M and he had a new idea to work into the manuscript. We considered it and rejected it.

Jubbie and I trimmed around the Bowling green.

Thel was up a few minutes this afternoon.

Thel gave me a ride over to Lee’s and we gave Barby and Bob a bond each for a wedding fit.

From there she took me out to the Armory. We had a meeting and rifle practice.

Got a ride home with Deane Eldridge, Paul and Clarkie.

When I got home I went up on the hill and checked on the hot water heater.

Stopped in to see Redo and he is coming up in the morning to look at the heater.

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