Thursday, June 7, 1945

158th day – 207 days to follow

Temp 70


Income Tax

Fair and warmer.

THel and Dot Dunlap were up on the hill today.

Cozette came over at noon and she had a fine knife she found over in her yard, it was covered with iron stain so someone had found it before and probably had it with some nails that got wet.

Bill came up just before 5 PM he had a letter from Doug Byers.

Worked in the garden some afters upper, dug a few worms and went over to the river and all I got was a turtle, Phil got 3 roaches and one old soaker of a white perch and two small ones.

Saw Mr Clarke the PE Man and his kids fishing.

Bobbie and Gretchen were in here for a few minutes after supper.

Income tax bill came today.

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