Wednesday, June 6, 1945

157th day – 208 days to follow

Temp 50

A little warmer broken clouds so some of the time we see the sun.

Saw a quail and a rabbit in the path that comes into the cutting gardens.

Fred Moon was up today. I oiled some floors, hoed the cutting garden, sprayed the roses, planted beets, and trimmed around the pool garden this AM.

I missed the bus tonight and was lucky enough to thumb a ride over as far as Saraceas store, walked the rest of the way.

We had dry shooting practice and we all did a lot better with the 22 than we did with the 30 caliber.

Rode home with Deane Clarkie and Paul Goodwin.

Had two showers just before sunset and there was a nice big rainbow after each of them.

I hope it is warmer and fair tomorrow as I want to do a lot of slicking up for Friday.

2 Replies to “Wednesday, June 6, 1945”

  1. I remember Saracas Store, on Sandwich St, where laundromat is now.

    Mr. Moon’s house is on the corner of River St. and Clifford Rd.

    He always had an amazing vegetable garden.


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