Saturday, June 9, 1945

160th day – 205 days to follow

Temp 75

All the folks are on the hill but Martha.

I was busy all the morning running around getting things organized.

Mr McLane was in again this AM.

Feels like summer today and if we have some warm nights the stuff in the garden will start to grow.

Mrs H gave me a tip for the fellows that came up from Finneys with the stuff from Boston.

After supper, Thel, Jubbie, Ski, and I went down to Manomet to Little Island Pond and I and the two kids fished off a large pitch pine tree that blew into the pond during the hurricane. I caught a small mouth bass, one horned pout, one roach, one shiner and nine large red perch. I threw all but the red perch and the pout back, the season is still on bass, started to sprinkle as we left.

Someone fired a shot across the pond and I think it was probably at a deer.

Mrs H gave me 3 dollars for tips for Archie and the other two truckmen from AK Finneys.

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