Sunday, June 10, 1945

161st day – 204 days to follow

Temp 65

Fair this am, turning to rain in early PM.

Went up on the hill and found things OK.

Hoed out my onions till 11 AM then Thel, Ski, and I rode down to the pond. We went over to the Hathaway camp and I helped Archie drive his well. We drove down 17 feet and got 12 feet of water. Jubbie broke their new pump setting it up so we took my pump apart and put it on his pipe and got a wonderful flow of water.

Thel and I went fishing over in the cove and each of us caught a pickerel, she got the largest one.

We started home about 5 PM and we stopped at Island Pond in Manoment, Jubie caught two bass and a big horned pout. Ski got two red perch I got one perch and Thel for two horned pout.

After we got home it started to rain quite hard.

Ski has gone up to fellowship.

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