Friday, June 15, 1945

166th day – 199 days to follow

Temp 96


Fair and hot.

Worked around the house all day.

Roger M was up and fixed the ice box.

John OBrian was up and fixed the local telephone.

When I got home Charlie Frasier and I put on my front door screen.

I got a good father’s day present.

Today there was a note for me from the Bosses office and it said I am to get a 5.00 a week raise after this week.

Took the 7 PM bus over to town again and walked out to the Armory, we had instructions on conduct up at the camp next month.

Bill Avery gave me a ride home right to the door.

Ski and Eleanor gave me a pair of canoe paddles for a Father’s day present.

Mts H is still in Boston but Martha came home with a friend.

3 Replies to “Friday, June 15, 1945”

  1. John O’Brien was my great uncle. He was my grandmother, Mary O’Brien Perrier’s brother. His signage O’Brien Electric is still on Al Belanger’s truck.

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    1. My Great Uncle John O’Brien gave the business to Al Belanger, Sr.

      Al had to collect outstanding Bill’s and then it was his.

      How different the world was the.
      Al was not related.


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