Thursday, June 14, 1945

165th day – 200 days to follow

Temp 84


Fair and hot.

Used water on the lawns and flower beds for the first time today.

Did chores around the house all day.

Redo was up this afternoon and we got the hot water tank straightened up on the standard.

After supper Eleanor and I carried the canoe and Ski took the paddles and the fish poles down to the Beach Club pool and paddled and pulled it up to the herring trap.

From there, we paddled over to Rubin Leaches cove and fished for a while and I got one roach, from there we went up almost to the bridge and fished but didn’t get a bite there.

Then went under the bridge up in back of Barry Boutins and fished some got nothing there, was an old fellow fishing off Olssons and he had some fish.

Then Ski and I paddled up the river as far as Nellie Courtneys, then we turned around and came back. We left the canoe at Ernest Johns and found Thel waiting for us in front of Chris Swifts so we got a ride home.

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