Wednesday, June 20, 1945

171st day – 194 days to follow

Temp 75

Honors from MSG

Warm and showers and we sure need them.

Put in all the morning transplants put in a lot of enormous trips to root for Mr. H

Martha and Dorothy are using the barn as a paint shop, decorating old furniture.

Took all of my uniforms over to the Armory tonight to turn in as this ends my stretch in the Co.

After roll call the Co C.M called me out before the Co and gave me the honor of being inspection officer and then I took over the Company and marched them out of the armory to the parking place in back of the Memorial bldg after a spell of drill we marched back to the Armory.

The captain called me out on the floor after some complimentary remarks, I was presented with the silver star and asked to take my stand at the side of the Hall. Then all the comp was marched around past me at eyes right.

Then around to the opposite side of the hall and brought to a left face and present arms.

We had a little party after the drill.

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