Thursday, June 21, 1945

172nd day – 193 days to follow

Temp 72

Ski Graduation


Fair and a little cooler today.

Mowed this am around in back of the barn and it was hot work.

When I got home at noon there was a fine long letter from Dave, he is very busy trying to get his new home into shape!

The parcel arrived today from George in Germany in it was a 16 gage double barrel hammer under lever gun, and a Bayonet, and a really beautiful dress, officer dagger.

After supper we all went over to town to Ski’s high school graduation and it was a very impressive ceremony.

Pic, May, and Grace were there.

Thel, Ski, Eleanor, Pick and I went in to Pioppies and had supper before we came home.

Tillie was over here to look out for Marie.

Jubbie went over to look after Pick’s boys.

Grandma Holman went to the exercises.

11 PM and raining lightly.

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