Tuesday, June 26, 1945

177th day – 188 days to follow

Temp 80-58

United Nations Charter

Started off warm and foggy and changed from So wind to NoEast and started to rain hard, supposed to be the tail of a hurricane that has been sweeping up the Atlantic coast from Florida and it’s blowing real hard now.

Eleanor picked ⅔ of a bushel of peas and Thel put up 11 pints of them.

Jubbie and I cleaned up in the barn this afternoon.

Mrs Whipple’s mother has rented the downstairs tenement up at Ida Finney’s and her sister is up in Wasgats barn.

Saw Old Gus Hadaway on the ridge pole there Sunday AM.

United States signed the United Nations charter at 6-15 PM today.

9-25 PM President Truman has just finished his acceptance speech and it was fine.

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