Monday, June 25, 1945

176th day – 189 days to follow

Mr Higgins the tree Surgeon man was up on the hill today looking over some trees that they are to fix up from Hurricane damage.

I asked him if he had some good axe men in his crew and he said yes, I have some good ones.

So I showed him some stumps where I cut down some big pines in the grove and I asked him if he had any that could leave a better looking stump than I left.

He looked at some of them and said I never saw any cut better, Do you want a job.

Thel took Ski, Harriet, Barby, and another girl down to the amp to spend this week.

Ethel Swift told me Mickey has been inducted into the Army, he has a wife and three small kids.

Thel Cozette, and Dot went out to Bert Boutins for a lobster supper.

Returned Percy Finney’s Stilson wrench.

And worked in the garden after supper.

There is a Hurricane coming up the Atlantic Coast I hope if we get any of it, it is just rain.

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