Thursday, June 28, 1945

179th day – 186 days to follow

Temp 70

Nook Farm Abraiding Stones

Carted coal from the barn over into the house cellar.

Mrs H went to Boston this AM early.

I caught a young rabbit eating the bean vines on the hill.

Gilbert Harlow came in while I was at dinner, he was looking for a cottage for a month for his family.

Jenette and the kids were in the car.

The storm ended at noon, and the sun came out for the first time in three days.

I ate a hasty supper and rode my wheel over to the barber ship and got a haircut.

On the way back I stopped at the Nook Farm corn field and hunted for an hour and a half and I found two abraiding stones, one broken, and two arrow buts, the cornfield was worked in good shape by the last rain.

Then I came home and mowed some grass.

Thel went down to the camp and brought Neome McNeal home.

Saw two rabbits in my beans up on the hill.

I had to kill one, it was a young one and had both front legs broken as it got in a trap I set for a woodchuck.

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