Friday, June 29, 1945

180th day – 185 days to follow

Temp 85

Aunt Tirzah

Hot and fair today.

Wrote a long letter to Harry last night.

Cleaned up hay I had mowed, and tied up the plants and tomatoes that got blown in the storm.

Thel told me that Aunt Tirzah died at Noon today in the Taunton Hospital and she is to be buried Sunday afternoon.

After supper Thel and I went down to the camp and brought the four girls home.

We went up and back by Clam Pudding Pond.

I took a look in Phil Chandlers’ garden and found nothing. Took a walk up to see Mrs Driscoll for a few minutes. When Bill Whiting came up he had a couple of arrowheads he had found at the Nook Farm Corn Field.

The Hathaways got a telephone call from Eddie tonight and we rather expected to hear from George but haven’t yet, 10 PM.

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