Saturday, June 30, 1945

181st day – 184 days to follow

Temp 90

Fair and hot.

Cleaned up some around the house.

Saw Mr H and Mrs and Geo Crowell 

After dinner I rode over to the sand bank and looked it over found nothing.

Rode up and saw that my canoe was allright.

From there I rode up to Whipples corn field. Saw a big woodchuck there, found one fine oval flint scraper and several other broken pieces.

On the way back I saw Betty Burnap at Howard Haires.

Stopped at the store and drank a qt bottle of ginger ale. The store glass stood at 118 in the sun.

Went up on the hill and fixed the fire.

When I got home Thel, Eleanoe, and Marie were on the front lawn.

Claire Driscoll came down.

Thel and I rode down to the Camp tonight we fished a short while before dark. She caught a small roach and I got a red perch.

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