Saturday, July 7, 1945

188th day – 177 days to follow

Temp 80



Fair and cooler.

Eddie and his wife were here when I came home at noon.

After dinner Bill Whiting came up and he and I went up to the dig, when we got there Bill picked up a beautiful triangular red arrowhead that had fallen out of the side of the pit since we were there the last time.

We found one large red triangular point ‘good’ one tiny triangular point red/very good.  One nice green stone drill ‘good’ one nice piece of graphite and one fine large felsite triangular base and one nice felsite point and a small triangular white quartz point just ‘fair’/

George and Eleanor took the car for the evening.

Mrs H told me this am that Bud’s wife Priscilla is expecting a baby next January.

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