Friday, July 6, 1945

187th day – 178 days to follow

Temp 80

Fair and hot.

Jubbie and I worked on the wood in back of the barn.

Just as I was thinking quitting tonight Mrs H came running over to the barn and said the ice chest motor was on fire. 

So I ran over to the cellar and threw off the switch lever.

Then I cleaned off the motor and waited for it to cool off when it had I started it up and didn’t like the sound of it so Mrs H called up John OBrian and he sent up young Beuregard and he and I took the motor all apart and cleaned it and it sure was filthy, the brushes were stuck, he put it together and it ran fine.

It was 7 PM when I got thru.

We had a nice shower tonight.

After supper Bill and Mrs Whiting came in and stayed a couple of hours.

Geo and Eleanor went over to his mothers tonight.

THe Hodkins barn on the corner has been torn down.

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