Wednesday, July 11, 1945

192nd day – 173 days to follow

Temp 74

Mary Gallagher

Cooler and fair, wind west.

Mary Gallagher left the job in the hill this afternoon, she has retired after 26 ½ years on the same job.

Jordan Marsh delivered the sand for Hank’s sand box.

Bill Whiting was up on the hill with a fellow by the name of Seamus, a fellow from Whitman. He is living in a trailer on Nelson St and is interested in Archeology and has done some surface hunting.

They came down to the house to look my stuff over.

Mrs H gave me the large radio that they used to have, Geo, Eleanor, and Ski came up on the hill and got it.

We ate the salmon and it was fine.

Geo Crowell came up on the hill and said Oscar Norton was coming for the furniture in the barn that is going to […]

Jub and I gathered it up and got it ready in front of the barn.

Bob and his wife were up here this evening and Geo and I took them home.

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