Saturday, July 14, 1945

195th day – 170 days to follow

Temp 80

Foggy and muggy.

Priscilla, Bud’s wife, is up on the hill, she came down with the boss last night.

She came out to see me first thing and said Have you heard I am going to have a baby in January.

Took some stuff of Dimps over to the Richmond house and saw Bob Atkins wife, her dog has a little mange on its neck.

THis afternoon Archie, Jubbie, and I went down to the mouth of the river to fish for stripe. Jubbie got three strikers and got two of them into the boat, one about 6 ½ and the other about 7 ½ pounds. One he got jumped clear out of the water when it struck.

Stopped in at Walder and Picks on my way down from the hill and stayed till 9 PM, started for home when Eb and Grace came along the Avenue so I went back in with them and stayed till 11 PM.

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